Question: Benefits of riding with Avalon Local Tours
Answer: (A) Golf carts are often sold out. Don’t waste time waiting in line (B) Personal pick-up at the location of your choice (C) See the entire town in 2 hours (D) Don’t get lost or waste time looking at a map (E) Learn Catalina Island history & ask unlimited questions (F) Get a True insider’s view of island life on Catalina (G) We tailor your tour to your special interests 

Question: Will I be driving, or will a tour guide take me around Avalon? 
Answer: A tour guide will be driving you and your party around the city in one of our VIP golf carts showing you all the best points of interest.

Question: Are pets allowed on the tour?
Answer: Absolutely, we welcome your pets on the tour.

Question: Where will I go on my tour?
Answer: We will take you to Avalon's most scenic spots.  Upon request, we can also offer special packages such as Bachelorette, Batchelor, Birthday, Engagement, Drone launch, Photography, etc.  Visit our special events page to inquire 

Question: Why am I being charged taxes and fees on my tour?
Answer: The City of Avalon collects a local sales tax and various other associated fees.

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